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Hey there!

I’m Bruce Hauman. I’m a Software Developer with over 12 years experience in full stack web development. Currently, I’m having fun making front end development more fluid, productive and fun for ClojureScript developers.

On this page I’ve provided links to my open source work, conference talks and other things that can give you a better idea of who I am and what I do.

Open Source Authorship


Figwheel makes the holy grail of live editing and hot loading running code a pragmatic reality for front end development. Figwheel currently sets the standard for a fluid front end programming experience.

Figwheel has been popularly received by the ClojureScript community as evidenced in the State of Clojure 2015 Survey and the outpouring of thanks and appreciation.


Devcards takes live programming even further by providing an environment to work on front-end components apart from the application and exercise them in many states.

Devcards is a new innovative tool and proposes a new way to think about the process of front end programming.

Open Source Contributions



Dome design and living

I have designed a unique way to quickly construct affordable domes from easily obtainable materials.

Frameless Geodesic Dome

Blog posts that reached the top of Hacker News

Blog Posts that reached the front page of Hacker News

Other Interests